Students and Recent Graduates

Students/New Grads

Oklahoma is a wonderful place to live and a even better place to practice optometry. We invite you to get to know our state and the Oklahoma Association of Optometric Physicians during your student years. If you're a recent graduate who is considering moving to practice in Oklahoma, the OAOP can be a valuable resource while making the transition


Licensure in Oklahoma is obtained by the passage of the Oklahoma State Board Exams. To be a candidate for the Oklahoma State Board Exams the following requirements must be met:

     1) You must be twenty-one (21) years of age 
     2) You must be of good moral character
     3) You must have met the undergraduate requirements and are a graduate of an accredited school of optometry, conferring degree of Doctor of Optometry
     4) You must have passed National Boards Parts I and II 
           including the TMOD Exam. 
     5) You must have passed the Laser Therapy for the Anterior  Segment Course offered by Northeastern State University as a prerequisite for taking the Oklahoma Boards

The Oklahoma State Board Exams are given once annually. The 2019 Oklahoma State Board Exams are set for July 20, 2019 and will be offered at the Northeastern State University Oklahoma College of Optometry. There is a $200.00 non-refundable examination fee which MUST be paid online. We must have the following documents in our office by Friday, June 14, 2019:

     1) Your original Pre-Optometry school transcripts (unopened)
     2) Your "Final" Optometry school transcripts (unopened)
           (This transcript must contain your Doctor of Optometry 
     3) A current 2"X 3" wallet sized professional photograph, no 
          copies accepted 
     4) Letter of Good Standing from any state in which you are 
          licensed or have been licensed 
     5) Work History (Resume or CV)
     6) A current cardiopulmonary resuscitation certificate
     7) Your National Board Scores Part I and II including the 
           TMOD Exam


The profession of optometry in Oklahoma is as diverse as its landscape.  Many new graduates find opportunities in the large metropolitan areas, but there are also many under served rural areas that need providers.

The scope of optometry practice in Oklahoma is one of the best in the nation. Practitioners in our state are able to treat a wide array of eye diseases, and have a wide range of therapeutic tools to choose from.


Wherever you decide to practice, membership in your state optometric association and the American Optometric Association is of vital importance. Without our associations to represent us in legislative, third-party, health care reform and Medicare, our profession would not be the organized, effective force in health care that it is today. Because of our associations, and the optometrists in our associations before us, today's optometrists are able to provide to patients the highest level of optometric patient care in history.In Oklahoma, we have been fortunate to have a long history of dedicated optometric leaders, a highly organized and motivated Association staff, and generations of volunteer optometrists who have worked tirelessly to ensure many of the privileges that we enjoy today in our practices.