Giving Sight Day: An Annual Day of Service for Optometrists

October 02, 2021


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What is Giving Sight Day?

Giving Sight Day is the first annual "day of service" for Oklahoma optometrists to give back to their communities by performing free eye exams. It will take place on Saturday, Oct. 2 at 9 AM. The purpose of this event is to increase access to vision care for Oklahomans in-need, to engender good will in our communities, and to introduce potentially new patients to the importance of good vision care.

How do I participate?

To participate in Giving Sight Day, we ask that you open your practice on 9AM on Oct. 2 to all interested patients and perform eye exams on a first come, first serve basis until a closing time of your choice. Your office may choose to make appointments, however OAOP will not assist with the making of appointments. 

While it is not required, some clinics may also choose to offer free frames/lenses or a coupon for frames/lenses in conjunction with the eye exams they administer. Offices will be able to determine patient protocols to ensure the safety of participants and staff.


Name: Joel Robison
Phone: 405-524-1075