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If you are currently enrolled in AOAExcel's group purchasing organization (GPO) program and need assistance with PPE, contact Intalere's Operational Continuity & Emergency Management team at 877.711.5600 or emergencyresponse@intalere.com to receive vendor information, updates directly from the manufacturing supply chain and information on non-traditional PPE providers. (Intalere member number is required.  If not known, it can be accessed by contact the AOAExcel team at aoaexcel@aoa.org). 

The Phoropter Shield by Bernell  


PPE Available Through GSRx and OD|MD Safety Partnership

The kit includes practical tools for keeping staff and patients safe in the office, such as KN95 and N95 masks, full face shields and hand sanitizers. Frame temple bands are available so the staff can mark frames as "sanitized."  The package also includes an information packet with signage for patients showing staff commitments and patient recommendations to assure safety, a checklist for regular cleaning of touchpoints within the office, and other safety guidelines. Information sheets for patients are laminated for easy cleaning. Additional kits and supplies are available for purchase at ODMDSafety.com.


Ophthalmic Surgical Training

Models & PPE

(818) 699-6363


www.SimulEYE.com o  

SimulEYE Breath + Germ ShieldTM   

We are proud to offer the industry leading slit lamp shield. Measuring 12"x10", our Breath + Germ ShieldTM is larger than anything else on the market and competitively priced so you can outfit every lane!   

o   SimulEYE Personnel ShieldTM  

Protect yourself and provide peace of mind to your patients, nurses, and front office staff. Featuring an adjustable strap and extra large shield, the Personnel ShieldTM provides full face protection without restricting vision or movement.   There is a serious PPE shortage and we believe that making better, reusable PPE is part of the solution. Wash away any debris with warm water and soap. Use a lint free cloth with alcohol or a disinfecting wipe to sterilize the Shield between uses. 

o   SimulEYE Ear Saver ProTM    

Alleviate the strain and irritation caused by elastic ear loops! This small, comfortable, light-weight and low profile accessory saves your ears from the wear & tear caused by ear loop face masks. This essential item is designed by a surgeon for medical professionals. Whether you wear your hair in a bun or you don't have any hair at all this product is designed for a universal and comfortable fit.

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Oklahoma State Chamber Member Resources: Products from Taylor of Oklahoma 

- Portable Safety Shields

- Mobile Sanitary Sinks- Disposable Protective Masks- Hospital Grade SanitizerEmail Lindsey Sparks at lsparks@okstatechamber.com for pricing and availability.

Mary Gee of Gee & Assoc. with The Dry Eye Doctor Present: The AB Mask With Sterileyes Antibacterial Protection  
The AB MASK revolutionises PPE / face masks.  Patented Sterileyes® is bound to fibres of our fabrics and is clinically proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria.   The AB Mask is reusable, washable and recyclable. You get basic protection with an added antibacterial layer.  Click here and here for more information.

The following is a list of VSP Global® suppliers who have access to PPE, along with tips and tricks from the Procurement Team of VSP-experts who regularly purchase products from different suppliers on behalf of VSP Global businesses. We will continue to review and update this list as appropriate. Please note that some of the following recommendations may seem basic, but are included as best practices.

Click here for resources and suppliers of PPE.